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The Wonders of Israel Independence Day & Your Elegant Dream Home

Posted on 15 May 2024
The Wonders of Israel Independence Day & Your Elegant Dream Home

This year, Israel’s Independence Day will be different. It will be more subdued without the complete festivities that we’ve seen in the past. However, we will still mark the occasion. We will reach inside ourselves and express our joy, knowing that we have a Jewish state—our homeland, which Hashem has given us.

Our birthright of Israel was reinforced when we witnessed a miracle and felt Hashem’s love. 

On April 14, more than 300 projectiles were fired toward Israel. 99% were intercepted by Israel’s defense systems and allies and Hashem’s outstretched arms. 

Hashem protects, guides, and breathes a soul into us, creating us uniquely. The wonders that we receive are blessings for which we are thankful. And we accept those gifts, open our hearts, and help others. I am fortunate to have been blessed with the skills to design beautiful homes for families making aliyah or wanting a vacation home in Eretz Yisrael.  

Imagine living in an elegant, comfortable home in Israel where you can celebrate every day, not just Israel’s Independence Day.

To create the relaxing home you love, you want to maximize the space and design smart storage solutions. Homes in Israel are smaller than in Canada and the United States, so we need to find miraculous ways to use every inch possible.  

When designing your home in Israel, think about each room and the activities that happen there. Is your living room for elegant entertaining or casual fun with your grandchildren? Maybe both.

Plan your room’s layout, considering the size of the furniture so it comfortably fits. Is the sofa big enough to snuggle with all your children and still allow you to maneuver about without bumping into the coffee table?

There are wondrous ways to optimize every corner of your home:

  • Engineer bookcases that can double as doors, opening to a panty and extra freezer.

  • Create rooms with dual purpose, such as guest bedrooms that are also offices.

  • Select beds that expand and pop up to accommodate additional guests.

  • Take advantage of the room’s height and design vertical storage.

  • Customize carpentry for wine bottles and display decorative Judaic pieces.

If you are still worried that your Israeli home won’t be large enough, you can add mirrors to make the space appear more expansive. And choose light colors so your home feels bigger and brighter. When each detail is thoughtfully planned, your home aligns with your taste and lifestyle.

Just like there is only one Jewish state, each home is uniquely designed and infused with your heart and soul. 

With innovation and creativity, you can enjoy an elegant home in Israel that reflects your personality, maximizes the space, and comfortably stores all your treasured items. As we celebrate 76 years of the existence of our Jewish state, contact us to fulfill your destiny and design a beautiful home for you and your family.  



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