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Celebrating Aliyah

Posted on 15 July 2016
Celebrating Aliyah

In my business, I spend so much time working with other people on their dream homes that I need to remind myself every once in a while to stop and appreciate my dream home, Israel.

We made aliyah 11 years ago, leaving our family and large Toronto community for the unknown but exciting future that lay ahead in Israel. Sometimes I look back and think, "Wow, I must have been crazy!" But most days, I think of myself as so truly blessed - our aliyah was something we had carefully planned for, and which fell perfectly into place. I feel blessed that Hashem handpicked us and transported us 10,000 kilometers away to start a new chapter in this beautiful country. I feel fortunate that our family has been given this opportunity, one that our ancestors spent thousands of years yearning for.

My great-grandparents prayed to return to this holy county as many generations before them did and worked hard to make a life in Israel. In 1949, they packed up their lives in Morocco and moved with their family to Israel. My grandparents, stayed behind and years later moved to Canada where I was raised. Throughout my childhood we visited Israel many times always travelling the country and spending time with our extended family. I was always deeply touched and inspired by the stories my grandmother told of the sacrifice and commitment my great-grandparents made to live life in the Jewish homeland.

"Aliyah season" has begun, and I enjoy viewing pictures and videos of olim landing in our homeland. The aliyah experience is truly like no other, and I love to hear their stories and experiences and offer my help and support to newcomers.

As this summer's olim disembark from the plane and begin to cheer, sing and dance, I will sing with them. How lucky they are to be making a home and beginning a new chapter of their lives in the greatest place in the world.

As an interior designer, I take such pleasure in working with olim in helping them to create new homes in our country. Each home reflecting their family and their past, and embracing their present and our shared future as a united nation and people in Israel.


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