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“Next Year In Israel”

Posted on 18 April 2024
“Next Year In Israel”

Are you ready for Passover? Do you feel the excitement of family and friends gathering at your Seder table? You laugh and sing as you read the Haggadah from Kadesh until Chad Gadya. At the close of the seder, you recite four words: “Next Year In Israel.”  

More than ever, those words are resonating throughout the world. Jewish people are making their dreams come true and moving to Eretz Yisrael. Just look at the aliyah rate, which is up 400%.

Is this the time to consider aliyah for your family or perhaps buy a vacation home in Israel so that “Next Year in Israel” can become a reality?

In keeping with the significance of the number 4 for Passover, here are 4 questions to consider to help you plan your aliyah:

1. Where would you like to live?

Each environment is different. Would you like to live in the heart of Israel’s holy city, a short distance from the Kotel? I chose to live in Jerusalem because I love the history and feel the joy of walking the same streets as our ancestors did.

You might want to live in a more rural setting, like in Gush Etzion, which borders the Judean desert. Enjoy waking up to the cool mountain air. You can find the perfect community for your family where you’ll feel the most comfortable, whether you’re religious, secular, traditional, or Haredi.

Perhaps you would like to live in Ashkelon, where you can watch the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, or in Modin, a city of modern sophistication. Choose where you want to live based on the characteristics of the location, including the demographics, the shuls, and the language spoken in the neighborhood. 

Consider the many variables in your decision-making so you live in an environment that aligns with your family's needs.

2. What kind of building do you want to live in?

In addition to the location, you’ll also select whether to live in a new building or renovate an existing apartment. Construction on a new building may take a few years before you can move in, which could be perfect for you when planning aliyah in 2026 and beyond. If the construction is already in progress, you could be able to move in earlier.

Renovating an existing apartment may be ideal if your timeline to move to Israel is sooner. You’ll want to decide on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need for your family and guests who might stay with you for Shabbat and holidays. Ensure the rooms are designed so you can comfortably cook in the kitchen without bumping elbows and flow easily into the dining space to serve your hot chicken soup.

Aliyah is challenging enough. You’ll probably need to find employment, learn Hebrew, and situate your children in the education system, so hire a professional interior designer to relieve the stress of designing your new home.

You can experience the joy of aliyah when an expert with a proven process deals with suppliers, manages your construction project timeline and budget, and prepares your elegant home in the style you love. 

3. What do you want to take with you to Israel?

While considering what kind of building you want to live in, decide what you want to take and what you will lovingly leave behind. It’s time to declutter your home and donate any items you won’t need in Israel. 

Expert Tip: If you haven’t used it in a year, you probably won’t use it again. Let someone else enjoy it.

Electronic voltages differ from those in the US and Canada, and adapters and converters occupy space. You can buy any appliances you need in Israel. Regarding furniture, you can support the Israeli economy and purchase pieces cleverly designed for your Israeli home. Tables can miraculously expand to seat the 24 guests joining you for the seder. Beds can open to comfortably accommodate your children and grandchildren staying with you for Shabbat.

You won’t need to pay high shipping costs when you select elegant furniture that is appropriately scaled to the dimensions of your home and adaptable to your family’s needs.

4. How do you want to feel in your home?

The most important question for your aliyah journey is how you want your new home to feel. The whole process of aliyah, fulfilling a dream of living in Eretz Yisrael, is one of spirit and soul. You are establishing new roots for your family, joining with those of our ancestors to grow, develop, and thrive.

It’s time to dream of how you want to live as you start fresh in Israel. Get excited. Use Pinterest and pictures to imagine yourself in your new home. See yourself walking from room to room, then sitting on your balcony sipping mint tea at the end of the day. Envision your family and friends next year at the Passover seder, celebrating the exodus from Egypt. 

Of course, you’ll bring your holiday traditions with you to your new home. It’s been 18 years since I made aliyah from Canada, and my father still taps heads with the seder plate of anyone he feels should be getting married or having a baby in the coming year. The love has moved with us to Israel.

You can bring warmth and beauty into your new home by finding inspiration from images you see online and in magazines. Designing in your desired style will help you create a comfortable, elegant home in Israel full of joy.

Next year in Israel

As you gather with your family for Passover, reflect on the words of the Haggadah. Be the wise son who explores the 4 questions, including where you would like to live and what building you want to live in. Begin to declutter and decide what to take with you on your journey. 

Imagine yourself in your future home, surrounded by loved ones, creating memories, and celebrating the holidays. Let yourself take steps now so that next year in Israel is no longer a dream but a reality. 

Contact us if you would like guidance in designing a beautiful, warm, and joyful home for you and your family.

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