Living Inspired by Sandy B

We all have moments of inspiration. It's what we do with those moments that can be impactful and transformative. Since arriving in Israel, I've been inspired by Israel, its history, its people and its unique vibe. I'm fascinated by Jerusalem, its breathtaking architecture, diverse population and her spiritual nature. It’s our city of gold that has touched my soul, filling me with spiritual fulfillment, excitement and inspiration to cross the threshold of creativity.

Within my blog @Living Inspired, I will be sharing with you what I'm passionate about, beautiful tablescapes, design tips and so much more. Living inspired allows us to live a happy and more fulfilled life. Through my blog, I hope to inspire you too.

United to shine the light and pray for Israel
20 October 2023
Wherever we live, our homes are where we feel safe and secure. Unfortunately in the south that was not the case last week.  I’m not going to dwell on the fear but shine the light through the darkness. It’s what makes Israelis and the Jewish people so unique.  It’s our ability to rise above, full of determination, and take action. We embrace our faith to move us fo...
Unique Home Design in Israel Is Like The Perfect Design For Your Sukkah
2 October 2023
Every Sukkah is similar. In Israel, it’s the classic and typical metal frames surrounded by sheets with sechach above.  The sheets have pretty standard designs.  You’ll see pictures of the arba minim (four species), the etrog, lulav (palm branches), hadasim (myrtle branches) and aravot (willow branches).  How do you personalize your Sukkah and make it unique? By addi...
Start The New Year In Your Elegant And Stylish Home In Israel 
13 September 2023
It’s a New Year, a time for new beginnings.  And Israel is booming with new construction all over the country.  We even joke that the national bird has become the crane.  With so many new developments, I get really excited.  As a professional interior designer and an Olah from Canada living in Israel for 18 years, I’m delighted by how the country is growing.&nbsp...
Designing Your Dream Home in Israel: Creating Your Unique Space
7 September 2023
Designing your home in Israel is an exciting journey that can result in a beautiful home tailored to your unique style and needs. At times, it can also be a complex and frustrating process, but armed with the right knowledge and guidance, you can navigate the process smoothly and confidently. Following are the essential steps to design and build your ideal home in Israel. Creating Your Visi...
Celebrating 18 Years Of Aliyah —   Designing A Home In Israel
20 August 2023
18, a symbolic number in Judaism, represents Chai or Life.  It’s hard to believe that 18 years ago, along with my husband, Reuven, and our 6 children, ages 2 through 11, we made aliyah.    Israel is a wonderful place to vacation,  visit family and friends, explore from the Negev to the Galilee, and pray at the Kotel. But making aliyah is definitely different. We...