Living Inspired by Sandy B

We all have moments of inspiration. It's what we do with those moments that can be impactful and transformative. Since arriving in Israel, I've been inspired by Israel, its history, its people and its unique vibe. I'm fascinated by Jerusalem, its breathtaking architecture, diverse population and her spiritual nature. It’s our city of gold that has touched my soul, filling me with spiritual fulfillment, excitement and inspiration to cross the threshold of creativity.

Within my blog @Living Inspired, I will be sharing with you what I'm passionate about, beautiful tablescapes, design tips and so much more. Living inspired allows us to live a happy and more fulfilled life. Through my blog, I hope to inspire you too.

Reenergize your Home for Pesach
15 March 2015
With all of the Pre-Pesach Preparations, I like to take the time to indulge in a small home improvement. Whether its wallpapering an accent wall in the bedroom, adding a couple of decorative shelves, or maybe changing the hand towels in the bathroom. Little changes can make a big difference. Take a look at the video for tips on how you too can reenergize your home in time for Pesach. Please sh...
A fruitful Tu Bshvat
21 February 2015
The sweet smell of spring is in the air. The cool breeze and the bursts of sunlight and warmth make it my favorite time of year. Tu B'shvat is here! At this special time, kids throughout the country plant trees digging new roots into our land and beautifying it. This year, during the Shmitta year (the sabbatical year), planting and cultivating the land is forbidden. Other celebratory ac...
A bundle of Joy
15 February 2015
Happiness comes in many different shapes and forms. There are many things that make me happy including the simple pleasures in life like a beautifully set Shabbat table, time well spent with family and friends creating everlasting memories and sitting in the garden on a breezy day under a beam of warm sun , not to mention eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. One of the happiest day...
White as Snow
15 January 2015
It's not every year that it snows in Jerusalem. However, when it does, Jerusalem is covered with a beautiful white blanket. Schools close down and the streets are empty of its usual bustle. Jerusalem slows down and the city is hushed with the silence of those staying home to avoid the unfamiliar white powder. Not us!!! We came prepared from our years living through Canadian winters. We le...