Come hear about the positive experience others have had with Sandy B Interiors. 

Absolute Pleasure!

Sandy is an absolute pleasure to work with. Sandy inspires creativity in her clients. When I first approached her to help me design our home I was petrified because I had never undertaken such an enormous project before. Sandy was amazing at helping to break down everything that we needed to do and make this enormous project seem much more manageable.

Sandy is also extremely patient. I have probably changed my mind about what I want a billion times and she completely understands that building a home is a creative process that takes time.

Sandy is very particular about wanting to help her clients create the most beautiful and functional home. She has very high standards and will work with you to make sure you get the most out of the decorating experience. She has a gentle disposition that is great to work with.

It amazes me how much fun I have had while work so hard on creating our home.

It has been tons of fun working on this project with Sandy.

M.P. - Katamon, Jerusalem


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Effecient &Effective

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sandy. We have received overwhelmingly glowing compliments on the design work that she did for us.

Sandy took on our project which was an apartment in Jerusalem that was undergoing renovation.  She helped us select paint colors, lighting fixtures, cabinetry materials and hardware, mattresses, headboard and all of the furnishings.  She shopped with us in Israel and then, since we live in Los Angeles, she accepted all of the furnishings and supervised their installation.

Sandy listened to what we wished our finished apartment to be like, and she efficiently and effectively allowed us to achieve it well beyond our expectations.  We made a quick 5 day trip to Israel to meet with our contractor, make all of our interior design decisions and choose all of our furnishings.  In 3 days of shopping together, we were able to select all the lighting fixtures and furnishings for living room, dining room, entry, hallway and 2 bedrooms.  We explained our design goals and budget, and Sandy was able to pleasurably work with them.  She knew just where to shop, taking us to all of the stores that suited our needs.  She specifically did not take us to showrooms that were outside of our budget.  She worked with our contractor to determine the correct locations for electrical outlets and wall sconce as well as the proper place for hardware installation. Sandy used our time well, and she also managed the time she spent when we were not with her expeditiously.

Sandy has a wonderful design sense and manner.  She quickly recognized our personal style and gently guided us in making excellent choices, using language like “I think this is nice” or “I could go for that” or “I think we can look further.”  She never rushed decision-making as when we took a lot of time making fabric choices.  Having spent time together in Israel, we trusted Sandy so completely that when there were additional paint or hardware decisions that needed to be made after we had returned home, we were confident that she would choose just the right thing.

On a personal level, Sandy is a very relaxed, charming, thoughtful and intelligent woman with a terrific taste for design.  

I give my highest recommendation for Sandy and her work.

P.K. - Los Angeles


Thoroughly Satisfied!

Sandy, I am thoroughly satisfied with your professionalism of interior design in my apartment.

You went about your work quietly and assuredly and kept to the schedules of sending me drawings.

You always kept in touch with me to make sure I was happy with the outlay of your designs.  You made corrections/alterations if needed.

My living/dining room looks bigger now and I am surely enjoying the space.

Sandy you certainly met with my expectations and more.

I shall certainly recommend you to anyone with full confidence.

Best wishes,

C. D. - Ma'Aleh Adumim

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Dedication & Devotion

Let me first start by thanking you very much for all the hard work and effort that you have given us in putting all the finishing touches in our new apartment in Israel. It would have been very difficult for us to do this without you.

You not only helped us with the designs, ideas, layouts, choosing colours for kitchen, washrooms and the various things that we needed to pick for the new apartment, but taking us there also to see things and speak for us in Hebrew which is what is needed also.

To us the most important was your true dedication and devotion to the work you do for your clients (and us).We think you give your all to everything you do.

We hope that we can count on you to help us find the right furniture and other things when we finally get the apartment. Thank you again.

Y. U - Canada

Great Designer

Sandy, you are a great designer who listened to us. You took our input and  translated it to what kind of look we were looking for. Together we made choices that are consistent with our look. You took our pictures and took us to places that were appropriate. Then based on our likes and dislikes you refined the name of the look we were looking for. In our case we went from industrial to industrial elegant. Once we had this name it made it easier to make our choices. When we were veering away from our concept you gently brought us back. We never felt that you ignored us or did not take into account our taste or likes.You never made us feel bad even when we were trying to make “bad" choices.  You took us to stores that had the type of furniture we liked. Because of this we were able achieve so much in such a short period of time. You suggested when we should splurge and where we should save.
Because of your relationships with the vendors, our interactions were all extremely pleasant.
Besides all the amazing choices we made in our apt , which we absolutely adore, we can’t thank you enough for how you made this process easy even though we live so far away. Following up with the contractor and some of the suppliers was something we could not have managed from a distance. Organizing the final cleanup and meeting with the person who installed the shower glass , are some of the small details that you helped us with. Thank you for being there for the delivery of all the items we purchased. There are so many other things you took care of that this thank you note would be too long to include them all.
Looking forward to our next trip for two reasons. We love being in our apartment and look forward to spending time with you shopping.
D.N. - Toronto