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United to shine the light and pray for Israel

Posted on 20 October 2023
United to shine the light and pray for Israel

Wherever we live, our homes are where we feel safe and secure.

Unfortunately in the south that was not the case last week. 

I’m not going to dwell on the fear but shine the light through the darkness. It’s what makes Israelis and the Jewish people so unique.  It’s our ability to rise above, full of determination, and take action.

We embrace our faith to move us forward, to reach out and perform mitzvot wherever needed.

There is always someone who needs our assistance. People have been collecting clothes for those who need them all over Israel.  It’s inspiring to see the Jewish communities outside of Israel, especially my hometown Toronto community, sending hundreds of duffle bags and boxes to Israel full of necessary supplies! 

Personally, I’ve joined in the effort to create packages of toys and snacks for those who have been victims of terror. I’ve stood side-by-side with 150 volunteers to make 30,000 sandwiches of tuna, chocolate, or cheese to feed displaced families, those recovering from injuries at the hospitals, and soldiers on their way to their bases to serve the country. In addition, I've also been helping a close friend of mine raise money to purchase much-needed supplies and army gear for her husband's unit stationed on the Northern Border. These brave soldiers are facing freezing cold conditions, especially at night, and were not adequately prepared for the cold weather. 

These actions create positive energy, help others, and encourage us.

We’ve held a challah bake so our troops can have fresh challah for Shabbat. What better way to give our soldiers a taste of home while they prepare to defend Israel? Like many others, I offered to host guests who needed somewhere to stay for the Sabbath. Everywhere around the world, people have opened their hearts and wallets to help families gather funds for necessities while husbands are on reserve duty. 

It’s a blessing and honor to be part of our strong and loving community, taking action to assist and make a difference.  We should all feel the pride and spirit of the Jewish people worldwide.

Through these small gestures have a significant impact, our prayers are most important.  

Tehillim, mishaberot, and prayers for peace help the Israeli citizens, soldiers, and the Jewish people everywhere. Though you might not be able to get to the Kotel to pray at this time as I have, I know that G’d is hearing us and will answer our prayers.  We unite from the 4 corners of the earth in solidarity to show that our light will shine through.  It always has and always will.

We join as a strong force and pray to ensure a safe homeland, hoping for a better tomorrow.

Am Yisrael Chai — The Nation Of Israel Lives.

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