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Shlissel Challah

Posted on 15 April 2020
Shlissel Challah

This week women around the world are uniting together in baking challah and performing the  meaningful mitzvah of hafrashat challah - one of the 3 mitzvot specifically given to women. As we add each of the ingredients and kneed the dough which will become our challah for Shabbat, we take this special opportunity to pray to Hashem for all of the blessings we desire for our families, our homes, Israel, as well as the entire Jewish nation and the world at large. We are united in praying for a speedy and full recovery for all those who are ill and in need of a quick and complete recovery BH.

This week we prepare and bake our challot in the shape of a key as is  customary  for the Shabbat following Pesach. The key reminds us of the Manna that Hashem blessed the Jews with when our Forefathers left Egypt and spent forty years in the desert. It affirms our belief that only Hashem holds the key to prosperity, blessing and salvation.

May it be the will of Hashem that He allows us to unlock the gates of parnassah, health, success, happiness, love and peace and that He showers each and every one of us with an abundance of prosperity. May we all merit to be vessels befitting to accept His blessings. 

Shabbat Shalom