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Mimouna, Time to Celebrate Life!

Posted on 20 April 2016
Mimouna, Time to Celebrate Life!

Though Pesach fills many with dread, I eagerly anticipate it each year. The special family time, the spring time focus of the holiday, and the careful care and attention we pay to our homes are all things I enjoy and deeply connect with. One of the most special parts of the holiday for me has always been Mimouna, a Moroccan tradition which celebrates the end of Pesach, the return to eating chametz, and recognizing all the blessing and abundance we have in life.

My Moroccan grandparents held strong to the Mimouna tradition, and I have great memories of going from house to house to celebrate Mimouna with friends and family.

Our family tradition is to set the table with fish, a bowl of flour accompanied by oil and eggs, a plate of lettuce, a glass of milk, and honey. The simanim represent abundance, faith, blessing and the sweetness of life! In addition to these symbolic items (simanim), moroccan tea is served with an assortment of sweets, chocolates and cakes, beautifully laid out on trays and serving dishes.

The highlight of Mimouna is always mufleta drizzled with honey - a treat my kids look forward to all year!

Here in Israel, the Mimouna celebrations continue into the next day with outdoor picnics and BBQs, as well as homes decorated in traditional Moroccan shades of deep red and gold for the celebration.

This attention to detail, and level of energy and festivity are truly reflective of Moroccan culture, and something I strive to bring to my home and life. I frequently find myself turning to the style and culture of Morocco to add that extra special vibrance to my home and those of my clients.

Exquisite colors and mesmerizing Moroccan patterns add life and excitement to simple throw pillows and bath towels.

Intricate tile work and mosaics are show stopping as a kitchen backsplash, but equally special in a small trivet or tray.

Authentic lighting and lanterns make a difference to any room adding ambiance and interest.

The Moroccan look is so popular now that even Scandinavian Ikea has a Moroccan-inspired rug! Use this

rug to add a subtle dash of detail to any room.

If you are looking to just add a small dose of Moroccan style to your home, start with a classic picture frame or mirror to add some interest and depth.

This extra attention to detail is what makes Moroccan culture so dear to me; the love of color and life represent the true Moroccan spirit and culture that are such a strong part of my roots.

To see more ideas on how to add Moroccan inspiration to your home, click on the link to visit my Moroccan Style Pinterest board.

Chag Sameach and Terbehu U-tsa'adu!



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