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How Challah Baking Inspires Reviewing Design Technical Specifications

Posted on 7 February 2024
How Challah Baking Inspires Reviewing Design Technical Specifications

Every Friday, as women, we have the opportunity to perform the mitzvah of baking Challah. We often mafrish Challah to celebrate upcoming weddings and other special events. And since the war started, I’ve joined many other women in prayer for the release of the hostages at weekly Challah Bakes.

Even before we can knead the dough, we ensure we have enough flour—white, whole wheat, or spelt—to create Challah that nourishes us physically and spiritually.

You need more than flour though, so you open the fridge to verify that you have enough eggs.  Plus, you’ll add oil, a little sugar, and the all-important ingredient yeast.  Perhaps you want to sprinkle sesame or poppy seeds on top, so be sure you have about a half cup.  And if it’s a holiday, you might want to make a sweet challah by adding cinnamon.

You carefully mix the ingredients with water, knead the dough, mafrish the Challah depending on the quantity, and let it sit and rise.

What happens if you don’t have enough eggs?  Or find yourself without the right amount of yeast?  Did you run out of sugar?  Sure, there are substitutes, like swapping with honey, but your Challah might not have the same delicious flavor that your family loves.  

The last thing you want to do on a Friday morning is drive to the market if you are missing an egg.  Shabbat in the winter comes early, and adding the “errand” just increases your stress level.  You want to avoid surprises by checking the ingredient list in advance.

Similar to preparing for Challah baking, before purchasing a home in Israel for aliyah or family vacations, I suggest you review the technical specifications.

Though this may seem overwhelming and not very exciting, it’s as if you were baking Challah without looking at the recipe and cooking instructions.  

What would happen if you never let the dough rise?

Of course, you might call your mother, mother-in-law, or a friend to help ensure that your Challah is delicious.  Just like you may need an expert to guide you to understand the technical design details of your new home.

  • Does each room have its own air conditioning unit, or will your home have central air?  It’s nice to be able to control the temperature of each room so you aren’t cooling guest rooms when there are no guests.

  • How many electrical outlets are in each room, and where are they located?  You’ll want to have an ample amount so you don’t have to unplug the coffee maker to plug in your mixer.

  • Are Shabbat clocks part of the package? They are a necessity for lighting, shutters, and water boiler. 

  • Do the windows have screens?  There are flies and mosquitoes in Israel also, and you’ll want to keep the bugs out of your home.

  • Is there more than plumbing in the shower? You may want your showers to have shower doors to keep water off the bathroom floor.

As a professional designer, I know by reviewing the technical specs the level of finishing that the developer is investing in the building.  The builder may be installing a lovely kitchen, and you can take the opportunity to upgrade to the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.

I provide with a list of suggestions that can improve your home to be completed by the builder or implemented later so you can live in the comfort and luxury you deserve. 

Since you want your Shabbat Challah to be delicious and braided to perfection, you check that you have all the right ingredients before you start baking. Start the design of your comfortable, elegant home with the same love and attention by reviewing the technical specifications.  

If you are ready to discover how to create a beautiful, light, and airy new home in Israel for you and your family, contact us to book a consultation at 052-308-9779.

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