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Home is Where the Heart is

Posted on 4 May 2020
Home is Where the Heart is

Over the course of the past few days, we've slowly been easing back into our "normal" lives. We are thrilled to be out beyond the boundaries of our neighborhood, but there was something special about the last couple of months while we were confined to our homes spending time with ourselves and with our families. For me at least, the initial shock was quite overwhelming. Once I overcame it, I was able to appreciate the little things in life we take for granted on a daily basis. I would sit in our garden, appreciating the silence of the early morning, and listen to the birds chirping as I watched the new buds on our lemon tree bloom. This break really gave me the opportunity to count our many blessings bH.

The reprieve provided me with the freedom to spend quality time with my family. We participated in zoom celebrations with our extended families; we watched movies, played games and engaged in meaningful conversations. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and experimenting with many new recipes. I especially enjoyed cooking and baking with my son Eliyahu during the weeks he was home from the army. Although the kitchen is my domain, when he's home, our son is the in house chef who plans the menu as well as the shopping lists and I become his sous-chef assisting him and even learning from him! Thanks to modern technology I even zoom cooked a mushroom quiche together with my daughter who is overseas - so far apart but yet still together.

It gave me the time to concentrate on my home - to declutter and organize the boys rooms, my closet and my office.  With spending so much time at home I realized how much we accumulate that we really don't need. I also noticed the areas of our home that are in need of some touch ups or areas that can use a makeover whether big or small. The closet that needs the door hinge repaired and the garden that needs a complete makeover and the living room that can use some new accent pieces to give it a new look.

It gave me a break from my busy work schedule to learn new techniques that I am excited to incorporate into my business.  It afforded me a much needed time out to reenergize, dreaming up new creative ideas for projects. Most of all it gave me the time to reflect and realign myself with my innate desire to do what I love doing designing and creating beautiful homes that my clients will love spending time in. Homes that reflect their lifestyle and offers them a nurturing environment.

It's a well known fact that our exterior surroundings and our environment influence our inner beings. Our homes are the foundations of our lives providing us with safety and security for ourselves and our families.  Our homes need to be organized, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing acting as a springboard which inspires us and helps us make our dreams come true.

I'd love to hear how you spent the last few weeks and if you also noticed areas of your home you'd like to improve.

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