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Giving Thanks For Israel, Our Wonderful Jewish Homeland

Posted on 21 November 2023
Giving Thanks For Israel, Our Wonderful Jewish Homeland

Isn’t it inspiring how, in Judaism, every day is a moment to be thankful?  Whether it's our morning prayers, the blessings over our meals, or those moments of quiet reflection with Tehillim, we are constantly expressing our gratitude to Hashem.  

Especially now, as we pray for our beloved State of Israel, the brave soldiers in the IDF, and the safe return of the hostages, we have a deep belief that Hashem will watch over and protect us.

How fortunate we are to have a Jewish homeland welcoming us from New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and all four corners of the earth. 

We are like a big family, and Israel is our home.  I feel privileged to watch the tears of joy when clients fulfill their dreams seeing their homes in Israel for the first time or when they finally make aliyah. 

Just last week, my clients Michelle and Moshe visited the construction site of their new home.  Imagine their excitement, walking into their kitchen for the first time. Since November 2021, the young couple had been planning their aliyah. They finally arrived a couple of months ago, are renting in the neighborhood of their new development, becoming part of the community, and attending the local gan and shul.  Now, they had the opportunity to see their home, look out the windows at the Judean hills, explore the rooms where they will make endless family memories, and envision their future.

How wonderful to see dreams becoming reality.

It’s a testament to the Jewish people and our resilience. The war in Israel has not stopped us from moving forward, nor has it taken away our hope. We have an unstoppable drive to fulfill our destiny.

The secret to our resilience?

Our unwavering faith.  Plus, our connection and the bond with the Jewish community throughout the world.  What amazing spirit to see everyone uniting and helping wherever possible.  I’ve baked challah for our soldiers to welcome Shabbat and harvested avocados to support local farmers since they no longer have their foreign workers.

Worldwide, we are filled with pride and thankful for the kindness of so many stepping up to do whatever is necessary. 

Let’s take a moment to pause and give thanks for all of the incredible things we have been given, for our unity as a people, the strength of our forces, and the beloved state of Israel that will always welcome you home.

If you feel inspired to realize your dream of creating a home in Israel with elegance, comfort, and style, contact us to book a consultation at 052-308-9779.


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