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Get organized!

Posted on 20 February 2016
Get organized!

As Pessach approaches , we start to prepare our homes for the upcoming holyday. At this time of year I like to start early and take this time to de-clutter and organize.

I find myself motivated by the Jewish Positive Thinking Workshop I completed many months ago. Chaya Hinda Allen offers this workshop and it has had an amazingly positive influence on my life. During Chaya Hinda's workshop, we learned about the power of our thoughts and of our speech on our daily lives as well as how we should balance between our hishtadlut and our bitachon in Hashem. Chaya Hinda teaches how we should apply the power of our mind to have a positive impact on our family, our relationships, our profession, our health, and so much more.

We stressed the importance of creating a beautiful surrounding and atmosphere for ourselves and our families. There is real value in investing our time and energy into our homes. When we organize and clear our homes of unnecessary items we make room for new and improved ones to come our way. In essence we are creating a vessel to bring bracha and bounty into our homes and at the same time we are putting our trust in Hashem that He will continue to provide for our future needs.

Now's the perfect time to go through our rooms and closets and rid ourselves of clothes we don’t wear, old magazines, unnecessary receipts, bills and files, books , electrical appliances that no longer work, old electronics including their cords, broken kitchen utensils and let's not forget all of the containers that are missing their tops or bottoms.

I want to help you create a beautiful surrounding for you and your family. I want you to have a home you love and enjoy coming home to.

When you're done with decluttering and organizing , call me before March 15th to book a homestyling consultation and receive a special discount. 052.308.9779

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Photo Styling: Limor O
Photo: Sandy B