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Designing your Love of Jerusalem into your Home

Posted on 13 November 2022
Designing your Love of Jerusalem into your Home

Can You Design Your Love of Jerusalem into Your Home?

Jerusalem.  No other city in the world has more significance.  So when my client Micki told me the old city inspired her, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

When you wander through the pathways of Jerusalem, you can almost feel a connection with your ancestors.  The old city has layers of history, and you see the excavations and remnants from previous generations in many places.  Stone is everywhere, on the streets underneath your feet, on the building walls, and used as arches that have withstood the test of time.

You know how unique Jerusalem is. Can you bring the feelings of the old city into your new building project?  

Yes, of course.  Micki wanted Jerusalem’s old city's ancient features to be translated into her custom home design. By selecting textured tiles for flooring, she could imagine she was walking through the old city.  Moving from the entry into the living room under an arched doorway further emphasized the vibe of Jerusalem.  

The rounded-arch breakfast bar is a favorite spot for Micki’s family to gather together at the start of each day.  A rough-stone feature accent wall with unique carpentry in the dining room became an elegant focal point, starting conversations whenever anyone came to visit. Micki knows her home is unique and designed especially for her and her family.

By taking the overall concept you want for your home, breaking it down, and incorporating elements, customizes the design of your house for you and your lifestyle. 

Expert Tip: Pay close attention to the small details

Not only should the prominent features reinforce the concept of your home design, but you also want to consider the details. The netilat yadayim sink chosen for Micki has a hammered stone front. The sink is inserted into a countertop but rises above the cabinet below. This design allows the front of the sink to be slightly hidden but still visible, much like the layers of different eras you see all around the old city.  Attention to detail helped complete Micki’s desire to bring Jerusalem into her home.

Designing your elegant dream home is achieved by the small details and adding layers of style, textiles, colors, and accessories. 

Expert Tip: Understand the function of the space

In addition to the design details, the functionality of the space is essential. Since Micki works from home as a therapist, she needed to have the option to separate her office and guest bathroom from the rest of her home. By designing a sliding pocket door in the archway, she can either close off her work area or open it to create a larger space for her family to enjoy. 

When planning your home design, think about the purpose of each room.  This will create a unified layout customized and tailored to your family’s needs.  

Bring your love of Jerusalem into your home

Like Micki, it may feel overwhelming to take an empty apartment in a new building project and convert it into the elegant home you want for yourself and your family. It could be a big project and probably a significant investment, and you aren’t sure where to begin.  And if you are overseas, it’s even more complicated to choose materials and oversee construction. 

Having someone to guide you in implementing your inspiration and desires can make the process successful and enjoyable.  If you are ready to springboard your ideas into creating a unique home in the land of Israel, contact me at 052-308-9779.

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